Monday, 19 June 2017

My 19 Day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit - From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takht-e Soleiman - Day 8 (morning) - On the way to Ahar - Sheikh Shahab ud-Din Ahari Mausoleum; on the way to Kaleybar - Kaleybar valley hotel accommodation - The 16th of May 2017

We then drove towards Ahar, still under the spell of the forever changing colours of the outside world, we could only feel from inside the bus. I couldn't help being touched by it all. Never had I experienced such landscape differences within such short stretches of distance ... from rock formations to pasture land ... and bright blue sky to unexpected clouds ... I tried to keep awake but it was particularly hard at times because we had to cover long distances with virtually no villages inbetween. 

In Ahar we were supposed to have visited the Sheikh Shahab Mausoleum now turned into a Museum but were unfortunate enough to have found it closed. The outside brick Mausoleum was flanked by two minors encrusted with bluish green tiles. In the back of the building and to be precise within an open patio with an enclosed stone carved railing stood the marble covered tomb of the Sheikh.

Around the patio we came across some ornamented stones and other artistic pieces pertaining to the Museum.

We therefore made our way back onto the bus, so as to continue towards the Kaleybar Valley where we would be lodged for the evening.  As we were crossing the public Ahar garden I set my eyes onto a rather interesting looking lady who despite being completely covered exhuded charm and sensuality not only in the way the clothes she was wearing fitted her but particularly in the way she walked.
It is, I feel,  utterly wrong to consider that wearing few clothes (so to say) can be more enticing than being almost totally covered ...

Upon reachig Kaleybar we were taken to a hotel, whose manager had been to several countries abroad, Brazil included, this being the reason as to why once he found out he could practise some of the languages he hadn't been able to practice for a while (Portuguese and German) he joyfully joined Eleonore and myself. 

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