Thursday, 1 June 2017

My 19 day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit - From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takhte-e Soleiman - Day 2 (afternoon) - Teheran - The Iran Bastan Museum - The 10th of may 2017

We headed to the National Museum of Iran, considered as being the largest and most important complex in Iran holding about 300,000 registered artifacts, dating from Paleolitic times to the late Islamic period.
I was fortunate enough to have already been to this Museum before, to be more precise two years ago, because as the visit started I felt sick, I believe due to the heat and the fact that I had eaten too much over lunch.

I didn't follow part of the conf√©rencier's explanations and only got back into the exhibition rooms half way through the visit. I was nevertheless impressed by the very well chronologically organized rooms and the number of very interesting objects on display, some of which I managed to photograph for the first time.

Clay human figurines, Tappeh Sarab, Kermanshah - 7000-6100 B.C

Pottery jars - Tappeh Zagheh Qazvin - 5200-4800 B.C

Human shaped pottery vessel - Shan shape - Golestan - 2nd Mill. B.C (left). Inscribed pottery Bull - Choghazanbil, Khuzestan - Elamite period (right).

Chlorite stone vessel - Jiroft, Kerman - 3rd Mill. B.C

I do enjoy strolling around Museum rooms  and despite the afternoon "incident" felt it had been a rather interesting way to have started getting to further expand my previously acquired knowledge on Iran and the Iranian Culture Heritage.


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