Friday, 29 December 2017

My 12 day stay in Isfahan - Day 5 (afternoon) - Isfahan - The blind date - The 1st of December 2017

I spent the afternoon at home as Saba and Isaac wanted me to meet some of their friends. I must confess I was introduced to what Iranian relationships are about and how people go about them, as this was a sort of blind date arrangement based on the fact that neither of the couples' friends was married and each of the "intervening" matchmaking actors felt they should get together because of having something in common.

I will not know whether the arrangement will have worked out, as this wasn't but a potential beginning of something or ... maybe nothing.


My 12 day stay in Isfahan - Day 5 (morning) - Isfahan - Along the river banks towards the Armenian quarter - The 1st of December 2017

I walked all the way to the Armenian quarter along the river bank before crossing over the dry Zayandeh Rud river, so as to go to a shop where I had bought a coat  some days before. I was impressed by the tended pathways on the way there and on the way back, which I chose to be via  the Khaju bridge.



Thursday, 28 December 2017

My 12 day stay in Isfahan - Day 4 (evening) - Isfahan -The bazar of gold - Strolling around in the evening - The 30th of November 2017

I left  home with Saba as she made her way to the school she was teaching at in the evening. Following her advice I had a look at the Gold Bazaar before walking towards the Naghsh Jahan square via the Public library and the Hasht Behesht gardens. Back in 2014 I had gone out late in the evening  with a group to watch the lit up Si-o Se pool bridge, but walking alone this time just reinforced the idea I had had then that Isfahan seemed a safe city to stroll around at any given time of day, including late in the evening without too many problems. I came across a fairly different city ... embelished by the lighting of the monuments and the fountains, which gave the whole atmosphere a touch of additional magic.



My 12 day stay in Isfahan - Day 4 (afternoon) - Isfahan - Naghsh Jahan Square - Bazaar workshops and shopping - The 30th of November 2017

As I left the Chehel Sotoun Palace gardens I headed back to the Naghsh Jahan Square and spent the rest of the afternoon observing various artisans carrying out their craftsmanship as I envisaged which objects to buy for the eventual Isfahan Art exhibition I intended to organise once I got back to Portugal.

As the afternoon came to a close I had already bought quite a few artefacts, from metal engraved plates to enamel painted objects, painted miniatures on shells and bone, typical handicrafted jewellery,  etc. among a number of other little things I'd use to exemplify some specific kind of Art. I was particularly happy with what I bought, despite the fact that I spent a bit more than I had expected with some objects ... but fine Art involves craft and time, so I felt the prices were fair.

Naghs Jahan Square was therefore once more visited as I left the bazaar. Stopping over to just observe the moviment in and around the square had become an addiction.