Saturday, 15 October 2016

Porto Santo island, on the way to Ponta da Calheta and back - The 13th of October 2016

Having had the last morning free and been misled by the hotel reception clerk as to the distance to Calheta I left the hotel fairly early into what would soon turn into a fast pace walking experience (particularly on the way back) under the frequent rain showers, that took me around two hours non-stop, as there was no traffic in sight nor any taxis to call upon.

I tested my walking skills though and didn't dislike the whole experience, particularly because the images I took would be the last images of Porto Santo island I'd be carrying back home.

Porto Santo island - My students and I - From the 10th to the 13th of October 2016

Despite not having taken advantage of the beauties of the island I felt nevertheless privileged in having spent some rather precious time with my students, whom I inconditionally love and whose official acredited level of Aviation English I so worry about.

The Refresher courses went by smoothly, as the overall atmoshphere of the island and when it was time to fly back "home" I felt I'd miss them. and particularly Miguel and Timoteo, the ones I spent most time with inbetween classes as we attempted to solve a problematic situation still associated with my forced "burocratic" endeavours. 

Miguel and Timoteo (on the left). Timoteo, Sara and Fung (on the right).

Mafalda, Catarina and Rita.

Manel, Timoteo and Luis.

Porto Santo island - Around the village of Baleira beaches - the 11th of October 2016

The small beaches around the village of Baleira were very inviting and maybe because of not having been to any beach throughout the Summer season due to my skin problem adding to the fact that on the mainland the Autumn winds and greyish days had already showed up I felt really "disappointed" not to be able to at least dive in these beautiful warm seas or relax for a while in the sun as a couple of Germans I had befriended in the Hotel.   

(To be continued)

Porto Santo island, The parish Church of Baleira village and Christopher Colombus and Brum do Canto's House Museums - The 10th of October 2016

I couldn't help walking into the little parish church, which was built in 1928. Its interior walls were partly covered in glazed tiles and on a right hand sides chapel I came across a fairly interesting last supper sculpture, right in front of the main altar.

Right behind it stood what is believed to have been Christopher Columbus' house in gray brick stone, to which a small museum displaying some navigational instruments and artefacts of the time could be seen (though not photographed).

From it I walked towards another House Museum, this time pertaining to Brum do Canto, who happens to have been a prominent figure on the island and beyond. I was actually able to watch part of the first ever produced film by him - Canção da terra, which I really enjoyed, despite not having had the time to fully watch it.

(To be continued)