Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Summer English courses (short duration) for 7 to 9 year old children - Getting the groups together - the party, the final rehearsal and presentation - The 28th of July 2017 (morning)

Getting the morning and afternoon groups together was a challenge in itself because we would have to reposition them differently in the auditorium and have them do a final rehearsal, which taking into account the number of children (17, as one was missing) might not exactly sound easy. It all turned out for the best finally. Prior to the presentation the father of one of the children  had a huge cake made and a sort of tea party organised for the two groups.

In my personal opinion the presentation was the best it could possibly be, judging from the  way the children sang and expressed themselves throughout the singing, having moved the audience.  After having listened to the Administrator's opinion but especially the opinions provided by parents who have been to these over the years I got finally convinced that it was the best they had ever attended to and that made me really proud. 

The handing out of the certificates, which preceeded the Art exhibition was a rather special moment because of the solemnity attached to it  due to the presence of the Administrator of the enterprise who presided the act, but so was the actual exhibition I feel many parents weren't expecting to be so rich and varied.